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RE: Dell XPS L502x Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Drive not recognizing discs

Sorry it took so long for me to respond.  I read the article you attached and tried all of the fixes listed (except the last one, creating a registry key.)

First, there are no yellow exclamation points in device manager.  According to the computer, the drive is recognized and working properly.

I tried resolution #1-using the hardware troubleshooter.  Once in Control Panel-Hardware and Sound, there was no choice to "configure a device."  I ran the troubleshooters in there anyway, none did troubleshooting for the drive.  Plus, I have previously run the Dell troubleshooters for the optical drive and gotten no where because it won't recognize discs so the troubleshooters fail saying I have no media installed.

Resolution #2-I downloaded the Windows troubleshooter linked there and ran it.  Its response?  "Media in the CD/DVD drive is not readable."  I know for a fact the disc I had inserted was readable as I used a disc I had just tested as good in my other laptop.

Resolution #3-manually fix corrupted registry.  I went to the registry key listed and there were no entries there titled "Upper Filters" or "Lower Filters" to delete.

Resolution #4-I've attempted uninstalling the drive in device manager and rebooting the system for it to reinstall itself numerous times to no avail.

Again, the computer recognizes the drive and claims it is functioning properly, but the drive is not recognizing discs.  I'm not sure if I can call Dell and ask for a new drive again, even though this new drive they sent is only a few months old, because my system is now out of warranty.  I just find it very hard to believe that the drive would fail that soon after replacement.  I was really hoping the fact that the drive does not recognize discs was some sort of software issue.  

When I insert a disc, it makes noises like it is trying to read it, tries like 3 times, then just stops trying.

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