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Dell Latitude E6510 Came without Windows 7 OS Disks, How do I upgrade the HDD without them?

Dear Dell Community:

I have a Dell Latitude E6510 that I bought new in 2010. Its only 4 years old, but the HDD I believe is failing as I got this message when I did a Pre-Boot Assessment:

Error Code: 0146

Message Error Code: 2000-0146

My machine did not come with Windows 7 Disks.  Is there a way I can backup the Windows OS so that I can get Disks to install on the new HDD I purchase? Or do I have to buy another Windows 7 license?

I have the Windows 7 Repair Disk. Would this get me going to install Windows 7 on a new HDD? I have my original Windows 7 OS License and Dell Backup and Recovery is installed on my machine. I used The Dell Recovery Tool to make a backup media on an external HDD and this is the file structure that was copied:

  • Boot
  • Dell
  • Sources


Are any of these files the Windows 7 OS or how do I get copies?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks  for your support!


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