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Battery says: Charging, but it is not actually charging while plugged in and is stuck in 2% for 5 days !

Hello and peace on you..

I have a DELL Inspiron N5110 from early 2011

I was using the laptop correctly..The laptop was plugged in and the battery was charging..Then i removed the charger let the laptop on battery until suddenly the laptop shuts down without even telling me that the battery is low or even leaving some "emergency" charge on it (usually 7% or 5% i don't know)..I plugged it in to charge it again and open my leptop and i found out that the battery is not taking charge anymore!

I tried to see if the propblem is with the connector and tried to remove and put in again the charger and it ddid not work

i tried also to remove the battery and put it in again, it did not help

Now it is stuck on 2% of charge from 5 days and it's plugged in!

The laptop says that the battery is charging, but actually it is not charging and the charge level is the same from days

I looked up some solutions online like uninstalling ACPI microsof from Device manager and reboot the laptop..It did not work

"Jauge de batterie" which is an integrated software related to DELL, says that the battery health is good and that my battery is working properly

The laptop works fine with only the charger plugged in and battery out

PS: the laptop heats usually but i think it did not affect the battery at all since it was working fine and the charge took me about at minimum 30 min on high performance to be emptyed before this happens.

Please, i'm seeking for help

I hope you can help me with this issue without me buying a new battery, or buying a new charger or changing the connector

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