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RE: DELL precision m4800 freezes/hangs randomly for 5secs or so and recovers.

Hi Fallen 

I know what you were going through guys , it's so frustration when you buy works station and ending with the problem like that with no support.

But the good news is I fixed my issue there's no mouse lag any more, it's definitely do to AMD Driver 

I'm running Windows 10 

And a015 BIOS A016 is ok also.

I installed only necessary stuff without Dell ***.

I was backup that clean system and from there I started to instal drivers.If that didn't worked, I was coming back to clean version with backup software (Acronis) and doing everything again.

I can't give you guys all the steps because I went through so many thing that I don't even remember .

Don't instal cristal , I found that's could be one of the reasons for the freeze.

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