RE: Nvidia Quadro K5100m in Precision m6700?

Hi Kingarthur86,


Thanks for the post, the K5100m card has only been validated by our engineers to work in the M6800 system I’m afraid, so I’m not sure how stable it would be if installed in an M6700. For cards compatible with this system you can check those with available drivers on the support site :  


nVIDIA Quadro 1000M/2000M/3000M/4000M/5010M/K1000M/K2000M/K4000M/K5000M Graphics 


AMD FirePro M4000/M6000 Graphics


If replacing the Video card in the M6700 you would need to remove the:

a. battery

b. base cover

c. keyboard trim

d. keyboard

e. optical drive

f. primary and secondary hard drive

g. palm rest

h. video-card fan

i. video-card heat sink

j. heatsink

Then remove the screws that secure the video card to the chassis allowing it to be interchanged.


For full details of the process check out the service manual here :


Hope it helps!

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