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RE: Nvidia Quadro K5100m in Precision m6700?

Thank you for answer,

Like you said k5100m was validated only with precision m6700, but I've already read about few users who successfully installed k5000m on precision m6600. I guess quadro k5000m was only validated with dell m6700, but it works with m6600 as well. Obviously you have to do some software updates, usually bios.
I would appreciate answers from users who upgraded their GPU like that and information how it works/how hard was that. I've got an occasion to buy k5100m for a good price, so it's really important for me. Especially if I plan next upgrade 5 years later.


I have decided to don't start with k5100m. So, now I would like to upgrade my laptop to k5000m and I have few questions. At the moment I have AMD FirePro m6000 in my laptop and I read that there is a dedicated heatsink to k5000m. Can anyone confirm this information? Is there any difference between these two heatsinks? I know there are two different heatsinks for CPU - one of them has two pipes(for XM cpus) and another one has only one pipe, but i couldn't find any information about gpu heatsinks.

I have also a question about thermal paste and how to put in on k5000m. Unlike the firepro m6000, there is a chip and a square around it(picture below):

Where do I have to put thermal paste? Only on the chip in the middle or on that square around as well? What about those chips around gpu processor? What do you think about gelid extreme thermal paste?

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