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RE: Nvidia Quadro K5100m in Precision m6700?

You can upgrade your m6700 graphics card to the k5100m, I have tried that before and the performance achieved is similar to that of the default m6800. However, you first have to make sure your processor is not an intel extreme edition ( e.g i7 3920xm or i7 3940xm -- I had a very bad experience while co-using the i7-3940xm with the k5100m until i changed the processor to i7-3740qm). Secondly, you have to modify the .inf file of the k5100m driver package since the pci bridge reference of the m6700 is not listed in the k5100m driver info file.

It works like magic possibly if you're having the following processors ----> i7 3630qm, i7 3720qm, i7 3740qm, i7 3820qm and i7 3840qm

hope you will try.