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Dell Display Manager, U3014 Monitor and Pro2x docking station.

Hi. I work from home, have 2 U3014 monitors and a work laptop connected via the e-port plus2 pro2x. Everyhting works fine, but I want a shortcut to dell display manager so I can EASILY switch to my home computer on 1 one of the two monitors. 

The shortcut works GREAT on my home PC, but the Dell Display manager on my laptop keeps giving me this error:

"This program requires a supported Dell monitor, and connection, and compatible display driver." So, since Dell Display manager is not working properly- the shortcut is not working either.

Can this work? I hate that it takes me 15 steps to switch monitors every time I want to switch computers. It was annoying before with my old monitors when I just had to click the correct input source button. 🙂 This is intolerable.

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