RE: Dell Display Manager, U3014 Monitor and Pro2x docking station.

I take it that you are using Dell Display Manager to set up an “Easy Arrange” profile for both the desktop and the notebook, and that you don’t have a problem when using the desktop and the DVI connection, but the Easy Arrange profile doesn’t work using display port connections and the docking station on the notebook, does that seem right to you?

Something like this may work with another desktop where you are connecting the different displays directly to the GPU.   I don’t see Dell Display manager working that way with the monitors actually connected to a docking station instead of the notebook.  It may work if you connect the notebook directly to one monitor assuming that you have the proper connections on the notebook to do so.

I wish that I had better news for you but for the notebook I can only suggest using the OSD menu on the display to switch between systems.   



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