RE: 7347 (A03): No wake-on-keyboard?

Hi RioDio

You will have to change the power management settings of the keyboard and mouse so that it wakes up your computer from sleep. Please follow the steps mentioned below to enable a feature "Allow this device to wake the computer"

1.    Open the charms bar by moving the mouse to right top corner of the screen and inthe search box, Start typing devmgmt.msc and then press enter.

2.     When the device manager pops up, in the list please check for ‘keyboards’ and ‘Mice and other pointing device’ in the device manager.

3.    Click on the arrow mark beside ‘keyboards’ and ‘Mice and other pointing device’.

4.    Right click on the keyboard and mouse installed on your computer.

5.    There you should find the ‘Power management’. Where you will be able to setup "Allow this device to wake the computer"

6.    Click on ‘Ok’ and restart the computer to check for the issue.

Please let me know if this helps.

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