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Flimsy Dell XPS 15 9530 black charger plug tip - - not warranted?

The black plug tip on my still in warranty XPS 15 9530 bends!  Is this plug tip not warranted?

The problem is that depending on how the plug tip must be "bent" (not bent in the laptop - - the black plug tip itself needs to be bent just so) for the laptop to charge.

I called Dell support with my Service Tag Number and was told this was CUSTOMER DAMAGE.  I asked for the reference number for my call but both the support representative (Don) and their manager (Nicky) said there was no reference number and I had to buy a new charger.

Really?  This plug is a flimsy design and the laptop is only used in my home office - - it has never gone on a trip and I have over 2 million miles on American Airlines as a consultant.  I have had IBM laptops for years and I have never had this kind of problem.

What really got my goat was when the manager HUNG UP ON ME after telling me that I "should have read the T&Cs and I had 21 days to report a problem".

Really?  I bought this top of the line laptop for its features and quality.  I use it for personal use and designing/programming Android mapping/routing applications for fun at home.


Astounded first time Dell customer.