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RE: Flimsy Dell XPS 15 9530 black charger plug tip - - not warranted?

Woke up one morning and noticed my laptop cable/plug bent on its own. No I didnt drop it or anything. The laptop was on my night stand with the cable plug landing on the edge of the stand (so hanging off the side). Never has this had an impact on any past laptop. The entire end that inserts into the laptop just bent! I think it could be the weight of the plug or something, not sure but this is horrible as the laptop isnt even 2 months old!... I've started searching if this is a common issue on these laptops. This is the first post I've found. THIS appears to be a hardware fault by Dell. i wasn't happy with the customer service during the initial ordering process but enjoyed the laptop up until now. I'm truly looking at NOT EVER recommending or purchasing another Dell and I've been a Dell customer for 20yrs easy.  

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