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RE: Inspiron 7548 trackpad critical failure

Robert, thanks for your response. I already tried the Windows 8.1 settings option, and looking at the Dell website for the driver was literally the first thing anybody would do (and so did I). But the problem is, I am not all set. The Windows 8.1 setting screen does nothing to address the erratic behavior and occassional non-responsiveness of the touchpad. The driver you linked to is non-relevant, it is a unifying driver for external keyboards n mice, n does nothing whatsoever with the touchpad. It makes me wonder if you had the chance to look at the file you linked before you posted it. As of now, there is no driver for the touchpad on the Dell website.

As I am typing this, my touchpad is completely unresponsive, i see no mouse pointer on the screen, and moreover my touchscreen is non-responsive when I am in desktop mode. Interestingly however, the touchscreen works when I am in Chrome metro mode, or in other windows 8 style full screen app; just not in the windows 8.1 desktop. The mouse in MIA in all screens. Maybe a reboot will fix this, which I plan to do as soon as I finish typing this response (definitely not something I should be doing on a laptop not even a month old).

There is clearly a driver issue here, and some of it seems similar to what is documented on this thread -

I do not care if it is a driver issue or a hardware issue, I want a resolution, and fast. This is my daily laptop, and I cannot go on like this. Please create a support request and ask a tech representative to either replace the laptop or provide a software solution. I await a more informed resolution.

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