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RE: Inspiron 7548 Trackpad Issues After Windows 10 Upgrade

The trackpad is still not fixed for me. I'm beginning to think the problem is both hardware related and software related. Below are my findings.


I've had two different Inspiron 7548 laptops, each with identical trackpad issues. On both of those systems, I've had the trackpads replaced so in total, I have had four trackpads, each with the same problem. In addition to the trackpad(s) failing, I've had the motherboard fail and GPU fan fail. I really hate this laptop.

Insight to the issue:

For fun, I decided to boot Ubuntu from an external drive to examine how Linux drivers handle the trackpad. The trackpad worked flawlessly for a few minutes but then started spazzing out and moving around uncontrollably. This indicates there is a serious design flaw with the hardware, not software.

Ubuntu video: https://youtu.be/DSHByVMXzhg

Windows 10 Build 1511: https://youtu.be/O4AopxAAxbs


Although the issues manifest themselves in different ways across operating systems, the fact that issues are both present in Windows and Ubuntu indicates the trackpad is plagued by a hardware problem. At this point, I do not know what to do. Dell cannot fix the laptop; they have tried everything. Dell won't give me my money back. I can't sell a defective laptop. The only other option is to take Dell to a small claims court, which I intend to do sometime in the future.

I will never buy a Dell product again.

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