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RE: Precision M4800 : Input lag at log in, Switchable graphics not functioning, GPU fan "chirping" when it starts up.

I dont know how it is working for you, but my experiance with the "new" driver has not really been pleasent and promptly (withen 1 day) ended up removing the driver in favour of the AMD official one.

Issues happened with the new driver that it would not display any image on either the internal, or external screens if the computer was docked while off before starting it up.

I also connected the laptop to a projector via the VGA port on the back, and after that i could never get the computer to scale display resolutions again. It would zoom and distort any non-native resolution to fill the entire screen : ignoring both the intel and AMD settings on display scaling.

Upon the removal of the newest version of the driver, the opperation of these tasks returned to normal. I have sense blacklisted Dells Command Update to prevent it from even bothering to search for new drivers. I will just do it manually from now on.


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