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RE: Precision M4800 : Input lag at log in, Switchable graphics not functioning, GPU fan "chirping" when it starts up.


Bios A15 has been released that is supposedly to fix the input lag that some users were experiencing.

I went ahead and figured what harm could it cause? Well i was completely wrong.

Upon installing A15 i have constant input lag, constantly windows stops responding (Ubuntu LTS also) any time disk usage is over about 2MB/s such as during program installation, update, or downloading. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable. I even re-imaged the computer assuming that it had corrupted, issue persisted.

Downgraded to A14, no more lagging, no more freezing everything is back to normal.

PLEASE PLEASE if any one of the team working on the precision notebooks : STOP pushing updates without testing them thoroughly. I should not have to "test" updates on a workstation computer : peoples jobs and day to day operations are dependent on these working without issue. I have had to spend hours now troubleshooting issues with drivers, missing components that are not on the driver page for the computer, drivers that are nonfunctional or crippled.

Maybe i have been doing something wrong, its totally possible, but i had an Inspiron 8600 for YEARS without these issues. I had a D630 with no issues either until the Quadro GPU failed. My Lenovo T61p worked too without issues other than Nividia G84 GPU failures (after 7 years of constant usage). This new dell has been a headache for roughly 5 months now.


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