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RE: Precision M4800 : Input lag at log in, Switchable graphics not functioning, GPU fan "chirping" when it starts up.

Hi all

I fell your pain !!!

Yesterday I received  my laptop and I'm  not very happy  right  now as a was when buying. 
Ok so straight  away I notes mouse cursor freezing  every few minutes .freeze  time is about 2-3 seconds.

My action taken so far -

Reinstall windows

Install drivers one by one

Run all possible diagnostic software

Install AMD drivers from website and dell website 
Nothing listed  above helped:-(



 When I connect  external monitor thrugh hdmi all problems are gone!!!

When I set booth screens  viable all ok!!

When I set to see only laptop screen  but still have external monitor connected  is also ok!!

Even when I have hdmi plugged  to laptop and its not plug to monitor everything, is ok!!

This is very strange  behavior 

I would appreciate if someone  can help

I'm seriously angry, that is professional workstation and things like that should be happening