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Recording Audio Problem Dell Insipiron 14z (5423)

Good Morning, thank you for coming to this post, i really appreciete it.

I'm sorry if my language is not good enough for you but now i have a problem with my recording audio problem. I don't know how long this problem came up but when first time i bought it, it works perfectly. But now this problem show up.

My internal speaker is good but my microphone is not, i don't know which one is the internal microphone . but no sound at all, i've checked from f12 ePSA and it works for speaker but for microphone is not, i've checked from "set up microphone" but it can't because no sound come from microphone and i can't make enchanment for room calibration because my microphone have a signal low or maybe no signal because no sound from it.

please help me to fix this, i don't know how to do next.. 

Thank you for your time.

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