RE: Dell XPS12 messed up during BIOS update

Hi ,

Thank you for the reply!I would suggest you to try these steps to isolate the faulty component .

*)Confirm if the light on the charger stays on after its connected to the system and what is the status of the power LED on the system.

*)Do you hear any beeps from the system when you power it on .

*)And are you able to toggle the lock lights (for ex caps lock) and when the external monitor is connected to the system are you able to view anything on the external screen.If you are able to then try to initiate the dell diagnostics by restarting the system and then pressing the Dkey  .

Also I would like to inform that this is out of warranty and once we have confirmed the faulty component we can conclude the same and accordingly arrange for a quotation to be sent out for the parts ,technician's service .

Awaiting a reply from you .

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