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U2715H E6530 ePort Plus Docking Station DisplayPort 1.2 Daisy Chain Multi-Monitor Individual Recognition Windows 8.1

I have two U2715h monitors that I would like to daisy chain from a display port off the e-port plus docking station that I have an E6530 Latitude docked on.

Docking Station => DP=mDP => U2715h(a) => DP=mDP => U2715h(b)

I've ensured that the the DP cable coming out of (a) is the "out" port.  This setup works but the computer only sees the two monitors as a single monitor and their display is duplicated.  The laptop does not see the (b) as a connected monitor, just (a).


All cables have been unplugged from the docking station and only has power, the single DP cable coming out.  I have tried connecting the USB cables to the monitors.

I've tried every combination of (a) and (b) having DP1.2 enabled/disabled (4 combinations).  From what I've read in some forums, (a) should have DP1.2 enabled and (b) disabled, which is what I have currently configured.

My question is, how can I get both monitors to be recognized individually and extend my display on to both monitors?  My goal is a 3 monitor setup with the laptop closed and the 3rd monitor plugged into the 2nd DVI/DP port on the docking station.

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