RE: U2715H E6530 ePort Plus Docking Station DisplayPort 1.2 Daisy Chain Multi-Monitor Individual Recognition Windows 8.1

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly with the monitors including setting them up for DP MST.  Checking the E 6530 though seeing that the system itself doesn’t have a display port, and ships with the Nvidia NVS 5200m my feeling is that the graphics chip isn’t DP 1.2 compatible.   Even if the video chip is DP 1.2 compatible I can’t find any information that the display port connection on the docking station is DP 1.2 compatible as well.

I will research this further and see if I can get verification in the meantime if possible try the monitor combination on another system with a verified DP 1.2 compatible video card and see if you continue to have the same problem.



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