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RE: U2715H E6530 ePort Plus Docking Station DisplayPort 1.2 Daisy Chain Multi-Monitor Individual Recognition Windows 8.1

Hi Terry,

Thanks for all the feedback.

The e-Port Plus does say it supports DP 1.2 but that doesn't mean the laptop can.


I have not tried messing with any settings in the e6530 BIOS yet.  I do have the latest drivers from NVIDIA installed, though.

Edit: Just found this: 

Although they're talking about Linux, someone posted that NVIDIA NVS 5200M does not support DP 1.2 MST.  So looks like I won't be able to Daisy Chain with the E6530 =(

Edit 2: Nvidia tech specs says it supports Multimode? Not sure what that is or if that helps in this scenario: 

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