RE: U2715H E6530 ePort Plus Docking Station DisplayPort 1.2 Daisy Chain Multi-Monitor Individual Recognition Windows 8.1

" Plus, the Display Port 1.2 adds the ability to daisy chain displays (4 displays via 1 connector). "

So at least according to the E Port Plus does support Display Port 1.2.  I am pretty sure I was looking at that page earlier and missed that.

I have also checked and the Nvidia does say that the Desktop version of the NVS 5200 supports DP 1.2.  I hope to have news tomorrow to verify one way or the other if the Notebook will be able to support this.  

I suggest waiting before disabling Optimus until I can verify that it will actually help.



I read that Nvidia mentioned multimode and was wondering if that was the same thing as DP 1.2 as well.  I will post here as soon as I find out anything definite.


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