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Inspiron 15 5558 multitouch not working


I bought today a Dell inspiron 15 5558 (service tag<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>) that came with ubuntu OS. I've played with ubuntu a little, checked if everything was working (including touchpad multi-touch gestures) but decided to switch to windows 10. The dell website says that Windows 10 is supported for this model, so i've upgraded. Everything works fine, except that my touchpad won't recognize multi touch gestures (like scrolling with 2 fingers - gestures that worked under Ubuntu). In device manager, it says that i have PS/2 compatible mouse installed. I've checked on the website, under my model's support page but under the mouse drivers i only found Dell Unifying drivers (for Logitech USB dongle). I've tried downloading other Syanptic drivers, uninstalling default mouse drivers and checking online for updates, but nothing seem to work.... Can anyone help me with this matter ?

Thanks !

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