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RE: Latitude E7450 touchpad issue

Yup. I was excited to get my new work computer, but this is an epic disappointment because of the horrible, unusable trackpad. Our IT guy commented on it. It is unbelievably bad. Dell, you should be ashamed for releasing a product like this. My company paid $1500 bucks for a laptop that has a worse interface than a $500 laptop I own. It really is unusable. My IT guy tried replacing drivers. I did. Nope, it always ends up in a choppy, unusable mess. I can't do basic, elementary things like clicking and dragging. Really frustrating for a brand new premium machine. The laptop is not even  a month in use. I'm going to complain to my companies IT and see if I can go with a product other than Dell. I think they should get their money back from what you sold them. I am not happy at all for such a basic, basic piece of functionality. Can you replace it with a decent trackpad?

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