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RE: Flickering horizontal lines always on screen (XPS 15 9530)

Youre the first person ive seen to have this problem I besides myself.. good to know i wqsnt completwly alone! it's not the screen, try these:

- Update bios to A10 --- first time I did this the problem subsides for a long time

- Ensure video drivers updates all up to date --- this never worked for me but everyone says check the drivers.. so worth checking

- Check to see if you've had any windows updates in the last few days before you noticed the ptoblem happening; roll it back if you can and see if the problem persists --- I feel like this worked a few times for me as well. The problem seemed to occur after an update.  Not sure if it was a change to something slight that triggered the screen problem rather than being the underlying cause

- Go into safe mode and see if the problem happens. If not, because safe mode runs a lower resolution by default, up the resolution to 3200x1800 in safe mode --- for me this was the real test to pinpoint the screen or hardware as the problem. I only noticed the screen problem when the resolution was running full, even in safe mode.  It was at this point I called out Dell

- It could even be the motherboard. The early m3800s had some design flaws around keeping the power stable. My technician mentioned a potential faulty alternator.

Solution: sadly for me it was one of two things. The screen or the mainboard.  I can't tell you which because whilst replacing my screen the technician shorted my motherboard and took out the entire mainboard which had to be replaced before he machine would turn back on. I ended up replacing the mothetboard, could, gpu and screen. The problem hasn't been seen since.  Try all the above then think about either a new reen again (maybe just bad luck for you) or a new mainboard...

Let us know how you get on...

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