RE: Heat sink Problem with inspiron 5520 15R

Here is a simple troubleshooter on when the notebook might be running too hotly.  It sounds like that you may have already went trough most of these steps but I wanted to touch base on how the system is performing. Is the system showing any signs of overheating.

What is Normal System Heat?

System can become warm to the touch during usage when -

  • Using for longer than 10-15 minutes.
  • Watching a DVD/Blu-ray.
  • Streaming online video.
  • Watching or Interacting with Flash Content
  • Playing Video Games or Online Games.
  • Using near a heat source or in a hot environment

What symptoms will I experience if my system is overheating?

  • Random Shutdowns
  • System Locking up
  • System Freezing
  • Random Reboots

My question is, are you experiencing, random shutdowns, is the notebook locking up, freezing, or rebooting? If not then you are probably fine and don't need to apply thermal paste.

If you are concerned that the fans aren't running as they should I do suggest running diagnostics and test the fan.  If you don't receive any errors regarding the system overheating or about the fans I wouldn't suggest applying thermal paste.

If you do decide to apply thermal paste, I do suggest that you clean the heat sink and vents of any dust and debris while you have the system open.


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