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RE: Heat sink Problem with inspiron 5520 15R

sorry for the late reply
it will random shutdown if i have a game open since the fan doesn't work playing a video or so will make it hot but not hot enough to force shutdown  ... it sometimes does work i mean sometimes on its on it will just run at max speed from full speed ( from full stop i see it as i remove my keyboard sometimes to check it ) 
but now i found something that might be causing it ... as my laptop starts im used to hearing the fan go at 100% once i press the power button that doesnt happen any more so my guess is the fan is working but something is wrong with the intermediate connection between the motor of the fan and the jack on the motherboard

also when i check the diagnostic page i find nothing related to the fan or pc overheating. 
and when running the full diagonstic it shut down at like 80% ... overheated lol 

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