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RE: Heat sink Problem with inspiron 5520 15R

a quick status update 
so i turned off my laptop went to sleep .. woke up started the laptop and the fan was there working again right at startup ( it does that everytime i start the laptop but used to not do it )  after putting my laptop to heavy duty ( opening a game and running chrome and such ) it stayed working then suddenly stopped and my laptop overheated leading to force shutdown ... when i started the laptop again it didnt start with it this time .. so it seems the fan will work when the fan itself is at cool temperature .. like the rotor of the fan gets to a high temperature for some reason for the following reasons 
my laptop should always start the fan with me pressing the power button .. it only does start the fan when the laptop is starting from a 3 hour rest or something like its been off for 3 hrs so when starting it will start ... as when the laptop is heated it wont start even at bios startup at which it should start regardless of the laptop temperature .. not sure if this might help u get a diagnostic on whats wrong .

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