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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 3521 plugged in not charging

No use of any of the solutions posted here, I have been facing this problem from past few months.

Tried formatting the laptop, removing the battery and doing the hard reset and all those steps, but nothing helped. Finally the battery expired. Then replaced the battery with a new genuine dell battery , it worked for about a month then again started giving the same "plugged in not charging" problem.

This has been the problem with almost all the laptops of this model which mostly occur after the laptop warranty is over. Showed the laptop to the dell service center , they say the motherboard and other components along with the charger are working fine and problem is with the battery only. How many times to replace the battery?

Even dell does not have a solution to this problem. Looks like its time to move to other laptop brands. Dell is not reliable anymore.

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