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Change (upgrade) display screen resolution on Inspiron 15 3552

I recently got a new Inspiron 15 which comes with a resolution of 1336x768.  It's not a bad resolution, though I'm coming from FHD and I have to admit that I miss the resolution.

I've been looking around online and have seen a few people post about "upgrading" their displays with some success if they make sure to do their homework on what's compatible.  So, in that spirit I've been trying to do some of my own homework, though it's a bit difficult because this laptop model is relatively new and inexpensive so not likely that many will "feature" it for teardowns or experiments such as this.

I've researched enough to know the CPU (SoC with graphics) will support FHD and I'm capable enough to do a full laptop teardown, change parts out and build it back up again.  What I don't know yet is if the screen from the Inspiron 15 7559 line (which is the only Inspiron 15 line that offers FHD) would fit in the 3552.

My hope is that Dell wouldn't want to manufacture lots of different pieces so would make their lines similar enough that things may just plug in fine.  However, without someone at Dell or who has seen the hardware themselves to say if the mounting brackets and connector/board/etc... are similar enough that they would work I don't really want to spend $150 on a replacement screen I can't use or return.

So, can anyone tell me if the construction of the mounts and position of the connectors and such for the 3552 model are the same as the 7559 model?  If there's pictures too, that would be a bonus.  I would have no problems doing a video of the upgrade if it's possible so that others can benefit from this too.

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