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Switchable graphics in Dell Inspiron 5559


Just bought Dell Inspiron 5559. It was supposed to be a 1920x1080 but much to my surprise it has a dual graphics card where the default Intel is a limited 1366x768 and the other card is AMD which should be able to reach 1920x1080, when you have to set the desired game in the AMD CCC to load accordingly.

The thing is that this laptop was NOT bought for games at all but for office work. My requirements are little: to be able to use Windows desktop in a 1920x1080 and not settle for 1366x768. It is kind of frustrating to have an AMD card that should allow the Full HD but I am force to use the built-in Intel one (BTW, if the Intel was capable of reaching the high-res, that would have been perfect).

Is there any way to achieve that by tweaking BIOS or anything else?


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