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Dell Inspiron 15 5547 hinge issue

I bought Inspiron 15 less than a year ago and was happy with it. The only thing that bothered me was a somewhat loose hinge construction. I handle my all my tech very carefully including that laptop. So I thought I'll just live with that.   

But eventually that issue lead to a crack... And now it's difficult to open the lid. If you look at pictures poor assembly is obvious - screw's head just goes out thru the hole. When one opens heavy touch screen it is the point of most hard tensions and thin plastic along with small screw won't stand out.

I've google it and it appears Dell has a very long history of hinge issues on Inspiron and other models too. Like

and alike...

The Dell Warranty support team was rude enough saying Dell never had any design flaws or manufacturing issues. It's just normal wear and tear (Really? Inspiron designed to last for a few months?).

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thank you! 

Can't upload photos here - it keeps saying file is over 500KB while it is 250KB

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