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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5547 hinge issue

I have the same issue as well. The plastic socket for the hinge srew just shattered after about 8 month of using it. 

I just recently learned that there were more than me who had that problem (There is plenty of picture that represent the problem, I don't need to provide one more.) and in the meantime I tried to epoxy glue the screw socket to the frame. It did the trick for a little while, the screws are firmly in place, but the plastic frame on top near the keyboard is not strong enough even with the hinge connected to the frame. So its still splitting slowly with each opening and closing of the screen. I even loosen the screen hinge to reduce pressure!

Am I totally screwed for trying to fix a broken design?

That said; the design for the left side of the screen is very good, the force is transfered on a much larger scale, there is even a metal support that goes like 4 inches along side the keyboard, why not applying it on the other side? This screems programed desuetude.

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