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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 - Battery life

Hi, I have the new XPS13 QHD i7. Do not believe they battery run time quotes on the Dell website they are nothing short of a joke. From what I understand the 18 hours battery life is on the HD version when left idling, with batter saver on and screen brightness on 10%. I know they state it is UP TO 18 hours, it's still a total joke they are allowed put that on their website. 

Realistically, I get about 6-7 hours of web browsing with screen on 10-20%(which is fine as the screen is pretty bright anyway). If I start to stream online content, it drains the battery a little quicker. I haven't really done anything else with mine to give it a good test, had it a few weeks now. 

There are some rumours that there is a driver issue with the new models which use the NVMe ssd drive which is draining the battery. The newer model has a larger battery and the new Intel Skylake processor so should of had better battery life then the previous version, but it seems to be worse. 

Its not terrible battery for a QHD screen, but its nothing spectacular. I think the Mac Pros with a similar screen, get 10+ hours.