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RE: Unable to Install Windows on XPS 13 (9350)

 Bootable flash drive with USB 3 drivers created. I have copied the NVME drivers (Driver64) to the root of the flash drive and to other likely folders as well.

 Laptop boots into the flash drive and I proceed with installing W7. After a short while, I get the “A required CD/DVD drive device is missing” etc etc. If I click OK then I get the “No device drivers were found etc etc”.

 When I click “Browse” the folder structure I get is “Computer” then “Boot (X)”.

 Clicking on “BOOT (X)” offers me, Program Files, Sources, Users, Windows. Clicking on any of these does not offer the Driver 64 folder.

 I did try installing Setup NVME but on running this it tells me that “The setup program ended prematurely because of the following error Device not detected”.

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