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RE: XPS 13 (9343) - Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 - Error 0xC1900101 0x30018

Hi Colin is this offer to check service tag and fix this free upgrade issue with Windows 10 for only systems Dell has tested?

As I get same problem with a Alienware Aurora R3, (BTW this error first boot phase and the error code I can trace back on posts on web for not only Dell systems but others to when Windows 8 came out.

So MS I am sure is well aware of this. One would hope.

I was able to with a clean install upgrade to Win 8.1 as I had a spare key, from Win 7 64bit, as I notice sometimes with Win 81, when it reboots it locks up with the circle that stops spinning, a manual restart fixes it. sounds family to what happens with Windows 10

Windows 10 clean install will run on another drive in same system, but no key to activate it, but if this is a free upgrade, why do we need a key anyway.

Only difference between drives is one it works on is part of my Arrray and not a SSD drive and maybe stil booting with UEFI ( which I have learnt is another name for secure boot) although I thought I had turned that off in bios) Is there a way to turn off UEFI? As if it is only when one does a clean install of Win 8 or 10, you get a GPT error saying you cannot install to that partition. ( I know using disk partition cmd how to clean that from drive of coruse one looses any data if you have not done a back up. 

Is this what Windows 10 Upgrade is struggling to deal with after it has copied files at the 33% stage when it reboots.?





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