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RE: XPS 13 (9343) - Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 - Error 0xC1900101 0x30018

My service tag is <REMOVED BY ADMIN> (XPS 13, 512 GB SSD). For many weeks I have tried to upgrade to Windows 10, including a clean install, which was suggested by Dell Support Staff (phone support). This weekend I tried again, hoping for improved install files. I let the install run for two days, most of which was spent in the Copying files screen, after restarting, with the circle blinking. This was extremely slow. After all had finished copying etc, the system gave an error message in a white window saying something like "Windows could not install Windows 10". Then, I rolled back to Windows 8.1 which went fine. But I really would like to upgrade to Windows 10. -- Jaap Murre

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