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RE: Microphone volume is very low on a Dell inspiron 13 7348 with Windows 10

It is a known problem with Windows 10, Realtek HD and Skype. If you try the microphone with another program it will work fine. Just uninstall Skype and install Skype and everything will working again.

Yes, it is a known problem. The Microsoft Community forum has nine pages of woe from people who have upgraded to Windows 10, including me. Uninstalling SKYPE does not help, neither does getting a new Realtek driver. I and my local techie have spent hours on trying to resolve this issue on my laptop an Inspiron 15 without success. As a temporary fix, we have done the option of disabling the microphone and using my c510 Logitech webcam which works fine, but totally inconvenient to  carry around.

Microsoft should do something about this!  I'm surprised that Dell also does not seem to recognise the problem and try to help their customers.  I have been a loyal customer for years and have all my computers/laptops from them.

Come on DELL what about some help..

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