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RE: Microphone volume is very low on a Dell inspiron 13 7348 with Windows 10

My problem solved with the following instuction:
1. Download Skype (only this version)
2. Uninstall the recent version
3. Install the previously downloaded Skype

Hope Microsoft will fix it with a software update. It seems not only Dell customers are affected.

I have followed your advice. Uninstalled Skype version 7 and used Revo Uninstaller to ensure all the registry entries were removed. Then found the version on File Hippo and downloaded it.  Then re-enabled my Microphone, then installed the version 6.

Regrettably, it still does not work either with Skype or Cortana.  You can just about hear a very muffled playback - not sufficient to understand the words, with the volume turned up to the point where feedback starts.

So still waiting for a fix.  To late to return to Windows 8.1 on my laptop as the 30 days have expired.

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