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RE: Sleep and Hibernate modes get my Dell Mobile Precision 7510 to get stuck

We are having similar experiences with four of the 7510s we recently purchased. We specifically ordered these because they would support 1 TB SSD, 32 GB memory, and 3 external displays plus the notebook display. We also purchased them with Windows 7 as this was the default and we have not become fond of Windows 10 at this point.

We found the 7510s come with all sorts of unexpected "Features"! Intermittent blue screens of death were the first surprise. The units would simply crash and reboot. We eventually tracked the cause to one of the DELL installed applications that I believe was attempting to perform some online diagnostics. Once it was uninstalled the BSOD issue went away.

Another issue is loss of audio when you have power saving features enabled such as turning off the displays after 10 minutes of idle time. We found a partial solution to that problem. There are two driver components that appear on these notebooks, Intel(R) Display Audio and Realtek High Definition Audio. We found that by disabling the Intel item our problem went away. However later on we discovered that the Intel component seems to handle audio through the HDMI port. So if you are using HDMI our solution won't work for you.

And the other issue is that when operating with multiple external display and the notebook display, the notebook display just goes blank at times. The only way to get it back is to reboot the system. Sometimes the reboot doesn't even do the trick. We haven't discovered a solution for this one yet and it's really getting to be annoying.

I get the feeling DELL rushed this model onto the market without much testing.

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