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RE: Dell XPS 15 (9550) w/ Intel 530 / NVIDIA 960M - Intel Causing Screen Flickering

I to have this issue.  Bought the xps 15 9550  i7, 4k, 16 gb etc from the Microsoft Store and have had nothing but issues.  I am on my fourth one in 3 days.  First three failed and crashed right out of the box.  This fourth one flickers so intensly sometimes that it is impossible to use at times.  Also I have noticed that the screen will shut down but the computer is still on when the flickering gets very intense.  Surprisingly it flickers much much less on the first floor of my house when I am near my router then on the second floor when I want to lay down and work.  Also i have noticed that if i.move the laptop off of a flat surface it will most likely flicker.  I have video of my issue that i will be happy to pass along.  I also had a color hue issue when expanding my web browser to fit the screen.  A download fixed that issue somewhat.  

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