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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 touchpad two finger scrolling "jumps"


I have a new XPS13 9350 and the touchpad has two problems:

  • There is a delay of about 5 millimeters from it begins to move the finger until the cursor moves.
  • The scrolling with two fingers is imprecise and unpredictable

The solution is to do a clean install of windows 10. However this solution is not simple because all data and programs installed will be deleted.

This is what we must do to perform clean installation of Windows 10 (ALL DATA AND PROGRAMS WILL BE DELETED!!!):

1) Create a installation USB stick using the tool by Microsoft (you need a empty USB stick): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

2) If you have a SSD, download the driver for SSD from the Intel site (.zip format):


Download the driver "f6flpy-x64.zip". Create a folder in the root directory of the USB stick (Driver_SSD) and unzip the "f6flpy-x64.zip" file in it.

3) Download the driver for the WIFI card from the Dell site:


Within the category "Network" download the driver "Dell Wireless 1820A WiFi Driver". Create a folder in the root directory of the USB stick (Driver_WIFI) and copy the file "9350_Network_Driver_MYJHH_WN32_1.519.0.0_A01.EXE" in it.

4) Boot the computer and press F12 to enter in the boot menu. Then choose the USB stick to boot from it.

5) Accept the license terms (the text and buttons are very small due to the screen resolution). Choose the custom installation (second option).

6) If you have a SSD, when the warning that there is no drive unit is displayed, press the button to load driver and go to the "Driver_SSD" USB folder to load the Intel RAID Controller.

7) Select the primary partition (which is larger) and within the advanced options remove it, remaining as unallocated space. Select the unallocated space and click "Next" to start the installation.

8) When installation is complete, after starting Windows 10, install the WIFI driver "9350_Network_Driver_MYJHH_WN32_1.519.0.0_A01.EXE" that had been copied to the "Driver_WIFI" folder on the USB.

9) Connect to the wireless network and let Windows update.

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