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Upgrading a Dell Inspiron N5110

Hello, I currently own a Dell Inspiron N5110, and the model I own, has an Intel i5-2450m @ 2.5GHz, 6Gb of RAM, a 500Gb HDD, and Intel HD 3000 Graphics.

Now, I have noticed that there are motherboards out for sale ,with the Nvidia GT525m graphics processor, that I can easily get, and install. (I have disassembled my laptop before, and reassembled it, so it's not hard for me to do). What I was hoping to do, was take my current motherboard out, and replace the processor, harddrive, and all those bits onto the motherboard, and download the graphics drivers for the new GPU. Before I go out venturing for this, I was wondering, has anyone else done this, and can give tips, or is this impossible, so I don't go ahead wasting money.

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RE: Upgrading a Dell Inspiron N5110

You can do this, but to upgrade from integrated to nVidia, you'll need not just the mainboard, but also:

A new heatsink assembly (the existing one won't fit the nVidia board) and

If you have a 65 W power supply now, it'll need to be replaced with a 90W or higher capacity one (65W is fine for Intel video but will not power the nVidia board).

Bear in mind that complete, used N5110 systems go for $150-300 on EBay -- in other words, you may wind up paying more in parts than you would buying a used system.  There are also easier systems to work on (this one is probably the least service-friendly system Dell has sold).

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