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Notification of update won't go away

Periodically I find a small (about 1.5x0.5 inches) white little text window in the upper left corner of my screen, saying, "Dell Update/Your system is up to date/Last scan (date)/Next scan(date).

The Last scan date will be the current day, the Next scan will be three days away.  The little window has no border or anywhere to click on it to get rid of it, and behaves as if it is not there - if I hover or click on it it activates whatever is under it.  However, since I cannot move it or make it go away, I can't tell what IS under it. 

As usual, right now it is covering up the first 1.5 inches of my address field in Firefox, so if I want to see what is there/what I'm typing I have to resize/move my browser window (not a trivial amount of screen to lose on a laptop).  This thing eventually goes away by itself, but I have no way to know when that will happen.

This is really infuriating, and appears to be some kind of fault in the program, SURELY nobody intended it to work this way.  Can you help me find a way to make the thing vanish?  When I open the Dell Update and Recovery program it has no helpful information, not even any way to track updates that I can see, which I would much prefer to this annoying and useless little obstacle.