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Dell Inspiron 14, 5447 - another one defective

So here is another post in regards to our most popular Dell inspiron. I have this computer since 31 august 2014, bought it off Dell website itself. now initially this computer came in with a problem of being sloppy and slow. I somehow neglected the issue but mentioned of it in one of TNS survey which was sent to me few days after the purchase and also asked to one of dell rep to email or call me in regards to the problem (since my schedule is very busy to wait for an hour on the call to talk to someone). however, i received no call or any email from anyone from the company whatsoever.

Afterwards, i again filled out another TNS survey this year in october with the same feedback and requested if someone can call me about the issue since my computer starts to whine and started being slow a couple of days after the purchase, I am yet to receive any calls. It gives me quite a bit of an idea how much a customer is respected and valued by the company DELL. 

Now when today my computer shut off by itself and wouldn't start, i was obliged to call Dell to notify the issue and spent an hour and a half on the call. not to mention, how disappointed i was during the call. Firstly i was asked by a customer service rep to provide me the service tag number which was no where to be found behind the system itself (since it got erased), instead i gave customer number, order number, and purchase order number. the agent failed to find my account saying nothing shows up. It was then followed by transferring me with some tech support department who failed to pull up my account as well, forcing me to spend 15 minutes to find my box and read him the service tag number. Upon asking them why couldn't they find all this information with my customer number, the reply was that they were choosing a different region. At this point, i was already disappointed on the fact that i had to waste one hour of my time just to have my account pulled up by them. In addition, i was told that my warranty in finished that came with the purchase and i was then transferred to another tech support. Without even me telling him something, this guy asks me to pay him 365$ and send the computer for repair to the service center. What a customer service experience i had and how satisfied i was made! now for a computer which is on installment for 4 years and stops working after a year and 3 months, would i ever like to purchase anything from Dell after that? I don't think so!

on the final note, It could be the worst experience of my life if nothing is done about it. I would like someone to contact me (<ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>) and discuss about the issue if it is in their power to resolve. If no, then I will make sure that Dell is out of my purchase list in the future.      

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