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RE: Trouble with XPS 15 9550, USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, and external monitors

The problem is actually worse then just the fan running.. try plugging in a usb keyboard, wireless or not and a wireless USB mouse..  The mouse skips around and the keyboard either misses characters or it repeats characters randomly.  the system acts as if it is being overtaxed and is unable to perform well.. everything goes much slower and struggles.  And yes I have all drivers and bio updates.. Dell claims I'm not using compatible port replicators.. but i bought the one linked to the 9550 page.. Then they tell me this is not compatible since it shows only latitude compatibility.  The version of DA200 that is compatible is only available in singapore?? strange, all of this.

DELL - are you listening to all the comments about this issue??  You have a major issue on your hands.  If I didn't like everything else about the laptop I'd return it in a heartbeat.