RE: is the Latitude E5440 a good laptop ?

Hello and good morning

It is Dell's Policy to send you a "like or better" computer. Considering that your model is older you will most likely receive a refurbished E6540. Inform the Tech Person that you WILL NOT ACCEPT anything less because of numerous issues. The newer Latitudes are unfamiliar to me as I have not researched them.

I just went to the Dell website and there are NO Latitudes offered. You may ask if there are any refurbished E6540's. A Refurbished computer may either be a return which is thoroughly tested or, for example, a company ordered 50 computers so Dell sends them to the customer. The customer decides that he only needs 40. The 10 remaining computers will be sent back and labeled "refurbished." Once the customer unwraps the pallet they are considered refurbished. I have owned a couple of refurbished/previously owned by someone else and had absolutely no issues.