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RE: XPS 9550 not working with TB15 Dock

Hey all. I got the TB15 working. Not sure which step did it but here it goes:

1. Verify you have updated your bios. I also enabled all the TB stuff for booting.

2. Go to the Dell product webpage and click on show all drivers. Go down to the Dock section and download them all.  Also get the Realtek audio and networking.

3. Disable your internet so it can go out and search. Uninstall the drivers and applications for TB. Reboot.

4. I started with installing the TB controller A00 and then did the A01. Rebooting after each. And then Tried to do the firmware A02 but it said it was already updated.

5. Installed the ASMEDIA USB 3.0 Extended controller for the dock, then did the normal Realtek USB and rebooted. Don't know if you need to do the normal Realtek USB GBE or if you can just jump to the Dock version. But I did the normal one first.

6. Installed the USB audio drivers, rebooted, installed the update for USB audio/mouse. Rebooted.

So far it is stable. Has not dropped my LAN and video has not been flickering. But it does lose the wireless mouse...

That's about it. We'll see if it holds up