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RE: XPS 15 9550 - Wifi drivers causing Bluescreen

I have the same issue, did anyone found a solution?

Dell first exchanged the whole XPS15. After, Dell replaced my network card and SSD and I installed a fresh install of windows 10 afterwards. Still the issue remains. Using an externa wifi card, no problem... 

Is it still the Wifi card with motherboard combination? Why aren't all xps 15 having issues?

I will no try to roll back the driver as suggested above. Hopefully this will help...

I would like to keep my xps, but if it keeps giving BSOD, there is no point..

Interesting BTW, that I stumbled upon this page stating that the 1.555 driver solved the BSOD on the wifi driver. So did the driver version before it... seems a problem that they are not able to solve, but are aware of...

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